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Provincial Data Projections

To assist investigators in examining provincial level data projections, or combining multiple FSAs, a series of spreadsheets has been developed for each province. These spreadsheets capture all of the model data in Microsoft Excel files that can be downloaded by the user for further manipulation.

The Excel workbook for each province includes the following worksheets:

  1. Provincial Demographic Information (Total population, 50+ population, by age grouping, by age/FSA/year)
  2. Health States (50+ population by health state, health states by age grouping, and year)
  3. Health States Projection by FSA and year
  4. Wealth States (50+population by wealth states, wealth states by age grouping, and year)
  5. Wealth States Projection by FSA and year
  6. Health/Wealth States (50+ population by health/wealth, health/wealth states by age grouping, and year)
  7. Health/Wealth States Projections by FSA and year

Please note that some of the worksheets are quite large.

To download Provincial Projections click on the headings below:

New Brunswick Data Projections Click Here
Newfoundland Data Projections Click Here
Nova Scotia Data Projections Click Here
Prince Edward Island Data Projections Click Here
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