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Project Budget

The logistical challenges of engaging project stakeholders throughout the four Atlantic Canadian Provinces are substantial. Recognizing this, the project budget reflected costs for a significant amount of travel and related logistical support to ensure sustained and effective collaboration among and across all organizations involved in the ASHRA research.

As this project progressed, we successfully leveraged additional funds for research and community outreach. We were also able to generate substantial contributions from sponsors for the Atlantic Seniors Housing Needs Conference, which was held in May 2009.  These funds allowed the project to extend the reach of the Regional Conference to seniors’ groups and community not-for-profit groups, enabling them to attend at little or no cost.

The following table summarizes the total budget for the 5-year grant period. The project required $1,180,806 over the 5 years of the grant, with $187,134 contributed by University participants and other sources. CMHC committed $40,000 to the project and the Province of Nova Scotia, Department of Community Services, committed $22,500. The total 5-year grant from SSHRC is $993,672.

Table: CURA Budget Summary - Projecting the Housing Needs of Aging Atlantic Canadians

Period Jan-Dec Jan-Dec Jan-Dec Jan-Dec Jan-Dec  
  2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Total 5 Years
Budget $220,888 $267,150 $237,514 $236,315 $218,939 $1,180,806
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