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Over the 5 years of ASHRA research activities (2005-2009), reports were prepared that:

  • describe the Geo-demographic Model (GDM)
  • provide an overview of the methodology and overall data analysis results from the Seniors' Housing and Support Services Survey
  • provide an overview of the Focus Group methodology and overall data analysis results
  • provide a comprehensive listing and explanations of existing housing and support services programs available to seniors in Atlantic Canada
  • explore the policy issues and identify recommendations for the future.

Reports are posted to the site as they are finalized and approved by the team of Project Investigators. Reports may be accessed by clicking on the links in the sidebar to the left of this page.

Throughout each of the four ASHRA phases, both hard copy and on-line versions of each report were made available. To ensure that the design of all public materials is based on an in-depth understanding of the needs of the various target audiences, using best practices in information dissemination has been a constant project priority. An intranet on this website provides ASHRA partners and stakeholders with easy access to minutes of all meetings, drafts of developing issues and policy papers, and other pertinent information. Reports to stakeholders and partners that are also available to the public include:

Phase 1. A report describing the Geo-demographic Model (GDM or community profiles model) available on this website, how it was developed, its components, and how individuals, community groups, and government departments can access and use the model to produce analyses specific to their own area of interest. This report also describes the variables of age, gender, rural/urban status, wellness/health, and wealth, and how each of these will interact to determine the future demand for housing and the implication on the choices available to an aging population. The GDM projects the nature of our aging population’s demand for housing options for the period from 2001-2026.

Phase 2. Two reports - one detailing the results of ASHRA's Seniors' Housing and Support Services Survey (modified version of the CMHC Survey) and another that details the results of the 15 Focus Groups conducted across Atlantic Canada.

Phase 3. Two reports - one that lists and compares existing housing programs and support services within each of the four Atlantic Provinces, and another report that discusses the policy implications/gaps and challenges involved with moving to newer, emerging approaches to provide housing for our aging population.

Phase 4. One report - published in July 2011 - a final report to ASHRA stakeholders and partners, and for those who are interested. This report includes a synopsis of the project research results, including outcomes of discussions during the Atlantic Seniors Housing Needs Conference. The report examines these results from a policy perspective, looking at best practices, and recommendations for the future direction of seniors' housing options in Atlantic Canada.



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