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Phase 3 Reports

July 2007 - June 2008

  1. To document existing housing options from around the world.
  2. To prepare an inventory of housing-related programs in the Atlantic Provinces.
  3. To examine the "gaps" between existing programs and seniors' needs and preferences.
  4. To develop Knowledge Translation strategies for the dissemination of project findings.
  1. Examined the range of available housing choices in North America and other Countries via International Case Study site visits.
  2. Developed 5 Case Study profiles of emerging housing options.
  3. Examined housing-related policies and programs available to seniors within Atlantic Canada.
  4. Compared the available housing programs with seniors' needs and preferences as determined by ASHRA survey results, and identified "gaps."
  5. Produced informational materials and articles that  effectively disseminated survey and focus group report findings to identified target audiences.
  6. Published the "Gap Analysis" report.
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