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Focus Groups

ASHRA Focus Groups (October 2006 - September 2007)

Following the ASHRA Survey of over 1700 seniors about what they want and need in terms of housing and other support services, ASHRA conducted Focus Groups within specific populations that were deemed to be underrepresented in the survey.  Although the survey data provided a general picture of seniors housing issues across the region, some groups were not as well represented as others due to the random selection process used to recruit survey participants.

It is important that we hear from certain groups and communities in particular (i.e. Aboriginal elders, immigrant seniors, older persons with disabilities) to ensure we represent their unique issues and concerns.  Hearing from individuals in a group setting also yielded more detailed information about the factors that influence seniors' living choices.

To ensure that the voices of underrepresented groups were heard, ASHRA conducted Focus Groups with specific communities in May and June 2007 to get a better idea of the range of diverse issues faced by seniors across Atlantic Canada. A total of 123 seniors participated in 15 Focus Groups. The Focus Groups included participants from 5 different groups:

  1. Aboriginal seniors
  2. Seniors with disabilities
  3. Francophone seniors
  4. Multicultural seniors
  5. Rural/Remote seniors

ASHRA collaborated with four local community partner organizations in each province to coordinate and moderate the Focus Groups that were facilitated by Graduate students. The Focus Group results were released in a Report that was released in the Spring of 2008. To view the report, please click here for English or click here for French.

Printed copies of the Focus Group Report are available.

For a copy of the report, please contact ASHRA Project Manager, Yvonne daSilva, at yvonne.dasilva@msvu.ca

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